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Livigno &the Surrounding area

Shopping in Livigno, visiting St. Moritz, the Bormio Baths and much more. A great many ideas to further discover the Valtellina

Not only sport, nature and good food await you on your next holiday spent in the Valtellina and Alta Rezia mountains. In fact, there are so many activities that can be planned so as to enrich every day spent in Livigno and the surrounding areas:
Events in Livigno
Have you ever taken part in the Notte Nera di Ferragosto (The Black Night on 15th August) in which with torches and you forget the use of electricity for a few hours? Then there are the Nine Knights Ski and Nine Knights Mtb, Ciaspoleda, Sgambeda, Stralivigno and many other events. Don’t miss out on these events and other occasions to spend together and to have a great time!
Duty-free Shopping
Livigno is a duty-free area that benefits from duty free privileges. For this reason it is greatly appreciated by couples who want to indulge in a worldly week end spent in the mountains or by whoever wishes to combine the pleasures of nature with benefits deriving from a shopping spree. In the village you will find dozens of shops for all tastes and budgets.
Red Bernina Train
In order to reach St. Moritz, just across the border with Switzerland, there is a special train, the history of which is deeply-rooted. The Red Bernina Train (Trenino Rosso del Bernina), awarded with UNESCO World Heritage status, is not an ordinary means of transport, but a true and proper experience to enjoy together with your children.
Bormio Baths and Bormio Thermal Spas
A stone’s throw away from here, you will be able to reach Bormio, where the famous Old Baths (Bagni Vecchi) and the New Baths(Bagni Nuovi) are waiting for you together with the Bormio Thermal Spa facilities (Bormio Terme). This is the ideal solution for those who wish to spend a well-being holiday in Livigno, ideal for those who wish to combine the excitement of sport with the relaxation of a hotel with a wellness centre and what’s more, it is also close to the natural thermal spas.
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